Please read what our patients have to say about us!

"Dr. Dressler and the rest of the staff were more than happy to work around my financial needs and for that I'm truly grateful. From the consultation to the finances, to when I walked out with my braces, I felt like and continue to feel as if I'm part of a family. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything."
– Matt Headrick

"Dr. Dressler,
I love the way you care for your patients, how friendly your entire staff is, and how you give back to the community so generously. Thank you for all you do."
– Randy Gaines

"Dear Dr. Dressler,
What a great group! Nice as can be, and my son really appreciates what you have done for his teeth."
– Terri Murray Renegar

"Dear Dr. Dressler,
I love what you and your office do for the community… that you continue to think of and give to the less fortunate. You're kind and compassionate… as is your staff. This speaks volumes about you as a person and as a professional. I am honored to know you and to have experienced your care firsthand and proud to call you a friend. Thank you for the inner light that shines from you and onto all that know and work with you.
– Faith

"Thanks for being so down-to-earth and fun! You stand out because you're considerate and giving. You did a great job on my teeth (and were so patient with this picky girl that asks too many questions)! My experience here was wonderful… I am glad you're doing these contests because I still get a chance to come in and see you all! Thanks for everything!"
– Anne Robak Armstrong

"Dr. Dressler,
When we started looking for an orthodontist for our daughter, we wanted someone that was active in the community and with their patients. A lot of the time, you never hear/see your doctor until it’s time for an appointment. I enjoy that you interact with all. My daughter came home from her consult with you and told me that you were her favorite. The whole office made her feel welcome and not like we were wasting their time (like a few others did). I appreciated your honesty of not feeling that she was ready to begin treatment yet. There are not many that would have said that! I look forward to seeing you and your staff more frequently in the near future.
– Casey Anderson

"Dr. Dressler & Staff,
We have had such a positive experience with our son and his treatments. You and the staff are very professional, courteous, and most of all, honest! We have recommended you to friends who agree. Thank you for keeping the "wait time" at appointments at a minimum. This is one of the best things! We cannot thank you enough!"
– Lynn Lanthier-Mansfield

"Hey Dr. Dressler,
You know I wouldn't let you work on another kid of mine without respecting your work and loving your girls! We remember you and your girls after all those years ago. It's the way you all treat people as people first, not an account. It's the way you treat my daughter's special needs without hurting her feelings. She comes out after a treatment smiling every time! That counts for so much. We saw 4 other orthodontists this time trying to find someone close to home. Alas, none can make up for you and the girls, so we make the trek. Hope this helps you to have a great day!"
– Deana Eicher Watson

"Dr. D awarded my son an inspirational award this past fall, but Dr. D it is YOU who inspire all of us to be kinder and caring. We appreciate all you have done for our family."
– Julie Barker Hollis

"Dear Dr. Keith B. Dressler,
I love the contests. I am glad you are on FB and interact with us. The pics you post are awesome. I can't wait to get my iPad! We visited a few different orthodontists, and you were the nicest and most honest. I wear my shirt a lot, too!
– Peyton Anderson

"PS- Thanks for supporting Snow Hill Elementary."

"Dr. Dressler,
You and your staff are amazing. The things you do for your patients and the community never ceases to amaze me. I could not have chosen a better orthodontist. And look at the difference in my smile in only 8 months! Wow, love coming to see y'all!"
– Becky Creel Pendergrass

"Dear Dr. Dressler,
I look forward to the day my daughter begins treatment. I appreciate your honest evaluation and recommendation we wait. Others had wanted to begin immediately and have many teeth pulled. Everyone at your office seems very friendly and knowledgeable. I can't wait to spend the next 2+ years with everyone!
– Michelle Splawn Anderson

"Dear Dr. Dressler and Staff-
Thank you so much for always "thinking of the patient first"… When we first thought of orthodontic work on our daughter (Tori), it was really scary, not knowing where to begin, but the reassurance from both you and your staff really made our decision a lot easier. We love the fact that your staff is always available, whether it is at the main office or a satellite office. It really does help for working parents when you have hours prior to school! I absolutely love the idea that you and your staff explain everything prior to any new work being done… it eases the "pain" for both the patient and the parent! I wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Dressler and his staff to any of my friends who are contemplating having orthodontic work done!"
– Coleen Crownover